Second Opinion

In Germany, cancer patients are diagnosed, treated and counselled by various specialist physicians and institutes. During the course of such examinations, it may be perceived by the patient that he/she is being oriented in different pathways in regards to diagnostics, therapy and post-care of his/her disease. Concretely solid therapy proposals and standard operating procedures often exist only for the initial diagnosis, these proposals being applied frequently during the early stages of cancer. For previously treated patients and those in more advanced stages, there are generally no therapy guidelines. Therapy proposals can therefore vary considerably. This situation makes many patients very uncomfortable. Acquiring a second opinion serves to stabilise the situation and ensures yet greater safety and security. The second opinion option does not only cover an oncologically specialised consultation, it also includes aspects regarding psychooncology, nutrition, pain therapy and supplementary therapeutic procedures. This manner of proceeding achieves the result that the patient and his family members are extensively informed about the current status of the disease, therapeutic issues and the disease prognosis.

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