Facts about Cancer

Currently, about 250,000 people in Germany suffer from a recent case of cancer. Of these sick patients, 40-45% are healed, generally by means of surgery, radiology and medicinal tumour therapy. 55-60% of those afflicted can not be healed according to the present status of knowledge.

However, the great majority of these can be treated well in a management program that often succeeds in extending their lives considerably. As previously, the therapy concentrates on the advanced, large organ tumours. In this connection, one of the greatest challenges worldwide is achieving a lengthening of life. To this end, new therapies and new substances for cancer treatment should be made available as soon as possible to the afflicted patients.


In the future, taking preventive measures will be one of the most important strategies in avoiding cancer. Preventive measures should begin as soon as possible by means of information campaigns and health education. We already know that 30% of cancerous diseases are favoured by malnutrition and another 30% by cigarette smoking. In these areas, an offensive consisting of information dissemination should significantly reduce cancer incidence.

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