Creation of individualised, holistically oriented therapy and treatment plans

This portion of the service spectrum can be seen as the core of cancer treatment. The prerequisite for such is that a certain and conclusive diagnosis has been made. Simultaneously, both one's own medical history as well as any other auxiliary diagnoses must be taken into consideration.

Creation of individual treatment plans, Centre for Cancer Medicine

Several different treatment objectives should be kept in mind when creating therapy and treatment plans for cancer-afflicted patients.

Is the therapy goal curative or palliative? Are there already established and promising therapies or should experimental therapies, e.g. clinical studies, be attempted? What can be done to reduce psychological tension, relieve pain and improve the nutrition situation? Finally, it needs to be ascertained how the natural defences of the patient's body can be reinforced, e.g. by naturopathic principles and/or botanically-derived active agents.