Centre for Cancer Medicine

30 years experience in the field of diagnosis, counselling and therapy of cancer

The diagnosis of cancer can suddenly affect any one of us. Taking the right steps – knowing how to proceed - in this initial situation is critical. Professor Unger, the long-standing director at the Tumour Biology Centre (Klinik für Tumorbiologie) offers you the extensive expertise of the Centre for Cancer Medicine to help you deal with this situation. The Centre's areas of competence focus on finding orientation during the course of the disease, discussion of further diagnostics and various therapeutic procedures as well as strengthening of the body's natural defences and immune system.


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Zentrum für Krebsmedizin
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Prof. Dr. med. Clemens Unger


  • 20.09.2013

    Targeted Therapy Consultation

    Targeted therapies can be very effective against cancer. These targeted drugs specifically inhibit molecules responsible for tumor growth. However, there are several hundreds of possible different targets in tumor cells and the right targeted drug has to be selected for the patient. For this selection [Your institution] uses the service provided by KPS Diagnostics, an international leader in molecular diagnostics of targeted therapies.