Cancer Prevention

Since cancer is currently the second leading cause of death in the western world and other prognoses indicate that cancer will become the leading cause of death in coming years, the shattering impact of this statement is unmistakable. Risk factors that can favour cancer include: tobacco smoking, nutrition/overweight issues, alcohol, environmental contaminants, ionising radiation, infectious agents and genetic predisposition for some special types of cancer. Tobacco smoking and incorrect nutrition already account for 60% of all cancer cases.

As has been proved, tobacco smoking is connected with the following cancerous localisations: oral cavity, oesophagus, pancreas, larynx, lungs, bladder, kidneys and probably also stomach.

Concerning nutrition, we currently assume that the significant risk factors are high fat and/or meat consumption, and that protective factors are the higher consumption of fruits and vegetables.

The role played by infectious agents in the development of cancer has long been underestimated. The following types of cancer been proven to be influenced by infectious agents: stomach (Helicobacter pylori), liver (HBV, HCV), cervix (HPV), lymphoma (EBV) and anogenital tumours (HPV). These infections can potentially be avoided by taking preventive measures. Vaccines against some of the some of the identified viruses have already been developed.

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