Naturopathic Healing

Concepts concerning naturopathic healing were always attractive to patients as they held out the hope that they could influence the healing process themselves. What we expect from these alternative treatment methods is a supporting effect of the cancer therapy and/or a reduction of side effects. However, there are only a limited number of cancer-related clinical studies dealing with naturopathic healing therapies. The Tumour Biology Centre in Freiburg has played a cutting edge role in this regard. Under my direction, clinical trials dealing with various cancers were carried out and the results were subsequently published in international journals. Extracts from the Gingko biloba plant together with 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) were investigated on tumours of the breast, the pancreas and the colon. The background was the intention of improving access of 5-FU to tumours by means of dilation of blood vessels.

Colibiogen, an extract from the Escherichia coli bacteria, was tested in combination with 5-FU in a placebo-controlled study on patients with colon cancer. One sub-group of patients showed improved tumoural response and reduction of side effects due to 5-FU. Under my direction, one further substance was tested on various tumours. The substance, MCP (medium chain pectines), was stirred in a fluid and imbibed by patients. MCP is comprised of polysaccharides that apparently can engage in the metastatic process of tumours. One part of the patients exhibited a prolonged disease stabilisation. Currently, we are testing MCP in regards to a "slow-rising PSA" of prostate carcinoma. In this respect, we have had good results with individual patients and this should be confirmed in the framework of an objective clinical trial.

Naturopathic Healing in Cancer Medicine

Naturopathic healing in cancer medicine, Centre for Cancer Medicine

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